God Bud – The Berlin Flower Co.

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  • Strain: God Bud by The Berlin Flower Co.
  • Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid (85/15)
  • Lab Tested Cannabis Product: 25.81% THC/0.01 CBD
  • Grade: AAAA Craft Cannabis
  • Brand: The Berlin Flower Co./DHO Medicinal
  • Flavour Profile: Fruity, Earthy, Citrusy, Gassy
  • Scent: Fruit, Diesel, Earth
  • Effects: Pain Relief, Appetite Stimulation, Sedation
  • Bud Description: Light Green w/ Purple Hues, Medium Density, Crystal Coated, Excellent Medium to Large Bud Size
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  • NOTEIf Interested in Purchases of 4 Ounces or more, Please email us at dhoinquiries@dhomedicinal.ca to discuss bulk pricing.


STRAIN: God Bud – The Berlin Flower Co.



  • Lab Tested Cannabis Product: 25.81% THC/0.01% CBD
The God Bud strain is a very euphoric and relaxing, Indica strain. God Bud was originally created by a well known Canadian cannabis seed company in British Columbia called BC Bud Depot. They mixed an almost pure Sativa strain called Hawaiian with a very strong purple skunk strain to create the ‘God B.’

God Bud has won a few awards in it’s day – most notably the High Times Indica Cup in 2004 – and has been a dispensary favorite in Vancouver, BC.

We are very pleased to have this one on the DHO Menu! Grown with Knowledge, love, and Care by The Berlin Flower Co., cultivators Who have quite literally gone to school for Cannabis cultivation – This is some of the finest AAAA Craft Cannabis currently on the market. Be sure to add this one to your cart soon, as it is going fast!

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8 reviews for God Bud – The Berlin Flower Co.

  1. VentricalSteed

    Grabbed up a g for 9.50 . Wanted to try it at that price for sure and the only thing im disappointed about is not buying more. This stuff is actually friggin awesome and tastes incredible. I think it might actually be one of my new all time faves.

  2. Derek Renaud

    Got this with pink cookies and coffee & Cream. I wasn’t expecting a god bud to pack this much punch but this bud is surprisingly good. Super sticky buds and lots of crystal. Taste is super strong too. I really enjoyed this one more than I figured I would . 5/5 for sure.

  3. Dylan F.

    Super caaaakkkeeeedddd! This stuff is sticky as fuck I love it. Amazingly potent and tastes awesome to boot. Definitely gonna grab up some more of this fire ?

  4. Darksydaz

    Cured well. Burns white. Tastes Very tropical with a bit of gas in there. Hits like a freight train. 5/5 for sure.

  5. phlups (verified owner)

    I’ve never tried God Bud but have always wanted to. As a longtime daily user, I need potent flowers. Everything about the look of the product is 5 out of 5. Trim, bag appeal, taste, smell, frosty, etc… All AAAA. The smell reminds me a lot of the Walter White strain, kinda sweet and sour smelling. The potency was a little lacking for me though. I tried about 10 strains and this was probably my least intense buzz. Again, I’m being picky here. All the strains I ordered here are minimum AAA+. Was very happy I tried this strain but would not order again because I know there are better, more intense strains that work better for me.

  6. a friendly stoner

    Got a free G of this with my Platinum Kush and all I can say is wow! Great big nug, great smell, great fruity taste, and packs a serious punch. Would definitely order some of this.

  7. popeofhell

    I got this as a sample and it was great! The smell and flavor are on point and it packs a punch! Some of the better God Bud I’ve tried!

  8. CannabisCoupleOfficial

    I love GOD bud for it’s relaxing effects but also , it usually looks gorgeous , each pheno bursts with colors and a nice smooth looking NUG . This is light smoke for someone who puffs OGz all day but this for a new user will be intense relaxation and for everyone else , i love it when you wanna function optimally . It let’s you lift the edge and the pain but without the kush coma . The taste is amazing of course , nice grape-kush profile that is smooth and silky on the exhale .

    we love our GOD

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