Peanut Butter Breath – Grease Godz (Sold out)

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  • Strain: Peanut Butter Breath (Do-Si-Dos x Mendobreath)
  • Type: Indica Dom. Hybrid 
  • Lab Tested Cannabis Product: 26.98% THC/0.01% CBD
  • Grade: AAAA Craft Cannabis (Head-Stash Grade)
  • Brand: Grease Godz/DHO Medicinal
  • Flavour Profile: Peanut Butter, Creamy, Earth, Gas, Diesel, Floral
  • Scent: Peanuts/Peanut Butter, coffee, Earthy, Gas, Diesel
  • Effects: Heavy Sedation, Chattiness, Pain Relief, Appetite Stimulation, Anxiety Relief
  • Bud Description: Bright Green/Purple Hues, Sticky, Medium Dense Nugs, Heavily Crystal Coated, Medium To Large Bud Size
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  • To learn more about this strain, please see our detailed description below!


STRAIN: Peanut Butter Breath – The Collectives Cultivators


GRADE: AAAA Craft (Head-Stash Grade)

  • Lab Tested Cannabis Product: 27.95% THC/0.01% CBD

We are super proud to add this strain to our menu! Peanut Butter Breath has an almost legendary status in the Cannabis world – with good reason!

If you’re a peanut butter fan, then Peanut Butter Breath just might become one of your favorite strains! Its terp profile gives it a nutty and earthy taste when you exhale, as if you’ve just savored some peanuts freshly dug right out of the soil.

The genetics of Peanut Butter Breath stem from combining Do-Si-Dos and Mendobreath, which all can hint at how potent its peanut-like taste will be.

Though this strain is classified as a 70/30 hybrid, meaning it supposedly induces effects of both sativas and indicas, many consumers have experienced a stronger indica sensation that make them feel lethargic and hungry. It’s a good idea keep some snacks handy when smoking this strain, and plenty to drink since it can produce dry mouth. This beautiful lady causes heavy relaxation throughout the body, so it is best used closer towards the evening or at night, when you don’t have any more important tasks to complete and you’re ready to unwind for the day. If you decide to try it and you happen to be with others while smoking this strain, you might experience some extra laughter as it can make things quite a bit more entertaining.

Peanut Butter Breath has been used by some to help reduce hangover symptoms, so if you wake up in the morning with nausea or a headache and don’t have any immediate plans, Peanut Butter Breath will definitely help.

After you open up your package of Peanut Butter Breath and indulge in its aroma, you’ll notice that this well-cultivated batch offers Beautiful nugs that are light Purple/Green in color, with just a few deep orange pistils poking out here and there. The intense amount of trichomes make this girl look as if she is absolutely covered in frost!

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2 reviews for Peanut Butter Breath – Grease Godz (Sold out)

  1. CannabisCoupleOfficial

    EXOTIC! This one screams exotic for it’s flavour profile alone . I admit , i was confused when i first had this strain in general . I wondered where this peanut butter profile was , i was missing the point . The flavour on this is so unique , puffing it is like trying to figure out a riddle . You keep looking for the right scent and flavour to describe it but you can’t . I will attempt , for me , it had a nice silky nutty flavour mixed in with a very herby , spicy smoke calmed down with a nice crisp , clear pine more in the exhale . It is very interesting and i absolutely love the high as it develops through points of being slightly sativa but then quickly relaxing into a very euphoric , heady hybrid type of high . You can feel the indica in your body helping but this one can be also used creatively and much more .

    We have had other PB breath until we found DHO and honestly , this blows the other batches out of the water in Canada at least . I am finding out here , all these other places advertising craft and high grade medicine have essentially been just lying to us . This stuff is quality and the price fits the service .

    Enjoy PB headz

  2. GMcLean519 (verified owner)

    Great product. I’m personally new to the PBB strain in entirety. Ive been smoking for over 10 years, love that nice spicy, kinda peppery classic Kush taste. I’m familiar with dank brands and people i.e. Breal of Cypress/Gas Town/ Humboldt County and I’ve noticed PBB has been an acclaimed strain as of late so when I saw this one and the description and the review above I was extremely excited.

    When I got it I got 2g of this brand and eight of PBB of another brand which came with my Grease n Gas combo. (Great combo btw). This PBB looked and smelled incredible upon opening. (Much superior to the one that came in the combo) this one had its own smell profile and just like the above review, it’s almost a mystery smell taste (until you think of Peanut Butter) but very potent. Upon rolling up tho and I must point out I am a smoker (ciggs) so I know that kinda deflates the taste abit but that being said I had some Tom Ford back in Dec/Jan n the taste was out of this world. Anyways the taste was abit nonexistent and it surprised me too as the look (and smell) are absolutely next level. Now I did get thinking (trying to figure out why this could be! Lol) n the only (arguable) conclusion I come to, is the bud density. The buds I got could’ve been abit denser (which could’ve played a part in the potency of taste) but overall Im impressed with this PBB strain. I would definitely order again.

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