Pink God – The Berlin Flower Co. (SOLD OUT)

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  • Strain: Pink God by The Berlin Flower Co. (Pink Kush x God Bud) – Brand New Batch
  • Type: Indica 
  • Lab Tested Cannabis Product: 25.22% THC/0.01 CBD
  • Grade: AAAA Craft Cannabis (Head-stash Grade)
  • Brand: The Berlin Flower Co./DHO Medicinal
  • Flavour Profile: Diesel, Gas, Earthy, Citrusy, Sweet
  • Scent: Gas, Diesel, Sweetness, Creaminess, Earth
  • Effects: Pain Relief, Appetite Stimulation, Sedation, Pain Relief
  • Bud Description: Light Purple/Green Buds, Quite Dense, Excellent Medium to Large Bud Size
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STRAIN: Pink God – The Berlin Flower Co.


GRADE: AAAA (Head Stash Grade)

  • Lab Tested Cannabis Product: 25.22% THC/0.01% CBD
The Pink God strain is a very Sedating, Heavy hitting and relaxing, Indica strain. To make this beautiful strain, Pink Kush is Crossed with God Bud. The Result is beautiful, light purple/green flower that’s absolutely loaded in trichs!

This strain is very stinky – reeking of gas, diesel and berries. Beautifully manicured, this strain is quite literally some of the prettiest craft cannabis we’ve seen in quite some time.

We are very pleased to have this one on the DHO Menu! Grown with Knowledge, love, and Care by The Berlin Flower Co., cultivators Who have quite literally gone to school for Cannabis cultivation – This is some of the finest AAAA Craft Cannabis currently on the market. Be sure to add this one to your cart soon, as it is going fast!

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7 reviews for Pink God – The Berlin Flower Co. (SOLD OUT)

  1. Neil S.

    Absolutely phenomenal! Can’t wait to see more stuff by this Berlin Flower Co I’ve never heard of them but if all their stuff is like this holy crap I’ll be getting lots of it!!!!

  2. Spyceoflyfeint.

    Wow ? this strain took me by surprise. I’ve had pink god a couple of times before but none of it looked quite as crazy as dhos pink god. There’s barely any green on My nugs and they are just loaded in crystal. The top of my buster has never been so caked off just one sesh. Holy crap

  3. Anne H.

    Hoping this stays up for awhile like some of the other strains do I’m in love

  4. Melissa J.

    Fantastic strain! Reeks to high heaven! This one put me straight to sleep. Excellent for my fibro pain.

  5. TUNAFISHSAM (verified owner)

    Bought an OZ. Look good, smells funky, tastes funky. Weird high. Has seeds. The Free Gram of “Pink Cookies” was stellar – Should have gotten that instead.

  6. MJArt

    Got a gram sample of this in my order. I have to say it looks way better than the pic they have up and it smokes awesome, I might grab some next order

  7. CannabisCoupleOfficial

    This is an ADS for the Cannabis Couple easily , a nice classic cross of PINK and GOD done with care . This all day smoke has me feeling happy , relaxed , the pain melts . I love it for sleep , movies and overall down time . This smokes very well , very very tasty as i mentioned in the pink kush review but with an added punch on the taste . I love the high , the taste and the colors are just gorgeous . It has a smoother aesthetic from the god as opposed to a slightly bushier NUG of the classic PINK phenotype . I would love a big batch of this for just rolling all day and staying medicated .

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