Space Queen – Sacred Garden (SOLD OUT)

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  • Type: Sativa Dom. Hybrid (60/40)
  • Lab Tested Cannabis Product: 25.22% THC/0.01% CBD
  • Grade: AAAA Craft Cannabis
  • Brand: Sacred Garden/DHO Medicinal
  • Flavour Profile:Vanilla, Fruity, Berries, Earthy
  • Scent: Vanilla, Fruity, Berries, Earthy,Cherries, Bluerberries
  • Effects: Chattiness, Elevated Mood, Increased Creativity, Pain Relief, Appetite Stimulation
  • Bud Description: Bright Green/Purple Hues, Sticky, Medium Dense Nugs, Heavily Crystal Coated, Medium To Large Bud Size
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GRADE: AAAA Craft (Head-Stash Grade)

  • Lab Tested Cannabis Product: 25.22% THC/0.01% CBD

Space Queen is a legendary hybrid created by famed breeder Vic High of BC Growers Association. A cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99, Space Queen presents a wide array of phenotypes, all of which possess great potency and some variation of a fruity aroma. The most sought after of these is a large, resinous, high yielding plant that smells of apples, vanilla and cherries, and has a delicious cherry taste when properly cured. Although it is a hybrid, Space Queen will give users an intense, trippy, speedy buzz that is characteristic of strong sativas.

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1 review for Space Queen – Sacred Garden (SOLD OUT)

  1. BrianBoomBap

    I almost don’t want to hype this up because I want it all for myself. ?I’m serious. ?‍♂️ I started smoking medical cannabis in 2016. One day I walked into a big dispensary andI bumped into this strain. Was a bit exp so I grabbed only a g.

    I went from tired and frustrated to energized, and feeling rejuvenated within minutes. Ever since that day I’ve been looking for this strain and I’ve found it a few times but it never matched that first time I had purchased from a retailer who said it was grown by Vic Highs BC team.

    I could never find anything the same…

    I must have paid $250 for an oz of Space Queen from a compassion club that was bland. Every time I see it at a dispensary it’s a dub or trip at best.

    This was a true Quad!

    Massive Colas, so sticky, like glue…and that beautiful rotten fruit smell! It’s a sweet, fruity, vanilla, apple and cherry mix that still has a kick of dank!

    Every time I’ve tried this strain it’s been a Sativa Dom hybrid.

    This was the same, but it’s not a wake and bake strain for me. It’s too trippy and mind bending. It’s great for music and socializing. Just a bit too hazy to focus on writing a paper like green crack or Durban poison allows me to. That’s why I think it’s perfect for after 3 when u need a pick me up in the afternoon

    There is no crash but you definitely feel relaxed and ready to hit the IDHybrids and then the heavy indica’s later on.

    Great job fam ?

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